When pain is administered, humans, whether of the male or female gender demonstrate characteristics of a similar nature and dependent where this is inflicted, the resultant pain can lead to arousal.

The skill is not only in knowing where the pain should be applied but precisely how much pain needs to be applied. It needs to be sufficiently painful enough to stimulate and sexually arouse, but without it hurting too much. Punish the person if you like, but the aim is after all to arouse the subject, not to cause undue suffering.

And then there are those parts of the anatomy which one needs to go for and targeting these erogenous areas is critical, because hitting these sweeter zones will stimulate the release of hormones into the bloodstream.

For a woman in particular, epinephrine and beta-endorphins the two principal hormones that create a female’s arousal are released and these can be in such abundant quantities her body can literally overdose in them.

Consequently, once her blood stream is awash in these arousal hormones, often she’ll demonstrate no control over herself, these little critters driving her over the edge, and a simple light touch on her clitoris or labia, so sensitized and aroused by the pain, will cause orgasm.

And seeking out such heightened degrees of sexual gratification, she’ll be so aroused, not only will she possibly be prepared to take anyone, but in her desperate longing for that satisfaction her body so craves, to satisfy herself in her quest, she may be quite willing to take more than one partner.

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